After Midnight is a D20 Modern (horror) rpg. It is located in Adult for freedom of speech and possible situations of Horror.

The world as we know it is a thin veil, between what is known and what is. There are things out there in the darkness, we are the light that holds the very fabric of darkness itself at bay.

Welcome to After Midnight, a small organization that has been set up to help those who have no one else to turn to, who have been long dealing with things that go bump in the night.

Stats: 6d6 reroll 1’s drop lowest 3. Roll 7 times take the best 3.
Race: Human only
Level: 4th
Hit Points: Max for 1-2, roll there after
Feats: One additional, each level for free.
Reputation: standard
Wealth: Max for your lvl.(2d4:8,plus any windfall, and 1/2 your profession skill+ Occupation)
Equipment: Standard from D20 Modern, you may take thing from all of the books save Urban Arcana.
Classes:None from Urban Arcana. You may use Telepath or Battlemind. I will also allow stuff from Dark Matter, and D20 Past, D20 Weapons Locker. If in doubt you can ask.
Alignment: All characters should be generally good, lone wolves are highly discouraged.

We are their protection against the night.

After Midnight